Mason and Wales, award winning architects, Dunedin.


Design Consideration

The basis of our work is a collective, rigorous exploration of fit and form, driven by analysis of the site and the Client’s brief together with ideas and consideration about function, place, the form making process, and the role of design in human behaviour and enjoyment.

Our design of buildings is generated from Client brief, budget and site requirements and accordingly the buildings are of all types, and cover a wide range of architectural styles.

Consideration and understanding of construction systems and sequences, and the reduction of construction cost and building operating and maintenance costs informs our design process.

Knowledge and understanding of larger community and environmental issues further adds to the work of Mason & Wales. By embracing this broader view, our projects achieve harmony between Client, user, site and community.

Our work shows the ability to develop excellent planning solutions and to optimise complex architectural briefing requirements within difficult site or budget constraints.


Every contribution that we make must belong to its place and time, embody the story of institutional and individual aspiration, and create a dynamic relationship between the natural and built worlds. Our Architecture strives to satisfy, stimulate and inspire.

Mason & Wales Architects has a reputation for the development of an architectural design style for its projects which is appropriate to each project and to the site. We do not stamp the projects we are involved in with a readily identifiable “office style”.

The design of our buildings range from the traditional expressions of the Millhouse at Millbrook Resort and the Queenstown Police Station, to the “high tech” expression of the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Buildings at Auckland and the Centre for Innovation for the University of Otago.

Our architectural design work is visually interesting and pleasing with particular concern for the control of architectural scale, proportions, patterning and texture. We pride ourselves in creating functional and timeless buildings that are appropriate to the parameters of the site, context and project brief, and avoid fashionable architectural styles and construction materials.